Half-time report: Regional Enhancement Millage at the five-year mark

In fall 2017, voters throughout Char-Em ISD approved a 10-year, 1.0-mill Regional Enhancement Millage to benefit students in all 11 public school districts within Char-Em. Now at the five-year mark of the 10-year collection, local district superintendents are sharing how the REM has impacted their districts.

“One of the biggest benefits of a Regional Enhancement Millage is that each district is able to determine how to spend the money they receive. Each district receives the same per pupil amount, multiplied by the number of students attending their district. Then it is up to district administrators to decide where to spend the dollars to meet their needs,” said Scott Koziol, Char-Em ISD Superintendent. “That was one key point that really resonated with voters: district independence.”

Char-Em ISD serves as the fiduciary of the REM, but 100 percent of the revenue flows back out to local districts at a per-pupil rate, which is currently $824 per student. Read the complete release about the five-year REM update and learn about how each of the 11 local districts is using the millage to improve their educational environments

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