The Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District Attendance Officer works to help local school districts keep students in school. This goal is met by working in partnership with school officials, parents/guardians, students, and when necessary, with the support from the County Probate or District Court. The Attendance Officer compliments the efforts of building administrators to enforce the Michigan Compulsory Attendance Act found in the Revised School Code.

Truancy in Michigan Law

The State of Michigan Revised School Code (Act 451 of 1976) requires continuous and consecutive school attendance for all children.

Act 451 of 1976; 380.1561 opens in a new window Revised Jan. 4, 2010.  Compulsory attendance at public school; enrollment dates; exceptions.
Act 451 of 1976; 380.1599 opens in a new window Noncompliance of parent as misdemeanor; penalty

Impact of Truancy and Poor Attendance opens in a new window
10 Tips for Parents to Help Students Stay in School opens in a new window
Emmet County Truancy Protocol opens in a new window
Charlevoix County Truancy Protocol opens in a new window
Truancy Document Checklist opens in a new window
Northern Community Mediation opens in a new window
School Attendance Mediationopens in a new window

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