Program Classrooms

Char-Em ISD operates special education classrooms on behalf of our local school districts in order to provide additional options in the continuum of least restrictive placements for students with disabilities. Educators in our classrooms provide specialized instruction for students who exhibit needs in the areas of academics, daily living skills, communication, positive behavior and transition that cannot be met within local school district classrooms. The majority of Char-Em’s classrooms are located within our local school districts to ensure that the students we educate are interacting with same-aged peers and have the ability to attend classrooms in the general education environment when appropriate. We have classrooms located in Alanson, Boyne City, Boyne Falls, East Jordan and at the Patricia A. Taylor School for Exceptional Learners in Petoskey. Char-Em ISD program classrooms serve students from pre-school through the age of 26 who reside in our local school districts.  

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