Char-Em ISD Career and Technical Education millage information

On May 3, 2022, voters throughout Char-Em ISD’s 11 public school districts will be asked to consider two Career and Technical Education ballot proposals:

  1. The core CTE millage renewal of 0.75 mills. This millage has been approved by voters every four years since 1996. This millage has supported the operation of 47 CTE programs throughout the ISD and provided connectivity and technology in schools, career counseling, and summer camps, college and technical center tours, among many other initiatives. It would generate approx. $4.6 million per year.
  2. An expansion of 0.25 mills for CTE. This millage would allow for the implementation of new programs and services, assist with student transportation to CTE classes and activities, support school-to-work counseling specialists, and other initiatives. It would generate approx. $1.5 million per year.

Combined, the millages would total 1 mill, which is equal to about $100 per year for a $200,000 house with a taxable value of $100,000. Voters will decide on each proposal separately. 

“This is an exciting time to be working with career and technical education – the opportunities have never been greater to provide students with so many post-secondary options,” said Jim Rummer, Director of Career and Technical Education for Char-Em ISD. “This region knows the important role of the skilled trades when we talk about career and college readiness. We have had so much support for the continued growth of programs and opportunities and hope to be able to continue to build on the strong foundation we have in place.”

Jeff Crouse, Char-Em ISD Superintendent, said the core CTE millage of 0.75 mills has been renewed by voters every four years since its inception in 1996. The additional 0.25 mills would be used to expand programs, allow transportation costs for CTE classes and activities, further develop summer camps that prepare students for careers, and many more possibilities K-12. 

“Our career tech programs in Char-Em ISD are second to none. We now offer 20 fields of study across 47 programs in our high schools,” Crouse said. “One of the barriers has been transporting students to and from programs in neighboring districts. The expansion of the 0.25 mills would allow districts to utilize CTE funding for transportation. It could also provide our career tech team the opportunity to bring more ideas to fruition for teaching local students skilled trades.”

This summer, Char-Em CTE is offering a record number of summer camps including its annual Career Academy for Kids and two weeks of the Welding Academy, along with new offerings including a Lineworker Training Academy and Construction Technology Academy. Additionally, Operation: Bravehearts brings students to Brave Hearts Estate in Pellston, a respite for soldiers and veterans; there, students help beautify the grounds and learn about military careers side by side with personnel from various branches. 

Rummer said summer camps help career tech staff reach younger children, and middle and high schoolers, to spark career interests. Unique initiatives like the new Char-Em Street STEM traveling trailer is focusing on bringing science, technology, math and engineering to every K-8 classroom throughout Char-Em ISD, the brainchild of the career tech team. 

“We never stop talking about how we can excite kids about their futures. We also continually look at workforce demands in our region and state to develop programs that will serve our employers as well,” said Rummer. “I’m proud of the robust career tech department we have at Char-Em ISD, and we greatly appreciate the public’s support of the work of this team to brighten futures for our region’s children.”

Polls will be open on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Request absentee ballot information from your township, city or village clerk.

For complete millage details, visit the millage information page on the ISD website:


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