Char-Em Street STEM

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What is Char-Em Street STEM?

Char-Em Street STEM is a mobile STEM program in which Char-Em ISD brings STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) directly to local schools and provides students with STEM-focused opportunities where they develop, learn, and explore new skills!

This includes the basics of coding, robotics, direction following, problem solving, circuits, measuring, and much more. The program also allows for teachers to learn alongside their students and explore new ways to incorporate hands-on, interactive STEM learning experiences in their classrooms to accomplish a learning target and tackle the curriculum. Char-Em’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) model sparked the idea to offer a STEM based mobile program where our CTE STEM Consultant will bring STEM to the schools. This will not only help to break down barriers for student and staff participation, but will also give staff the ability to impact a larger group of both students and educators.

Char-Em Street STEM brings in emerging technologies such as educational Legos, Dash/Dot Robots, Drones, Spheroes, Laser Engraver/Cutter, 3D Design and 3D Printing.  

What is the goal of Street STEM?

The goal is to provide students with STEM focused opportunities where they develop, learn, and explore new STEM related skills. By delivering STEM focused opportunities to our local schools, the students, parents, and teachers become more informed regarding high-wage, high-demand, high-skill STEM careers. The materials used in the classroom are able to be checked out by teachers and used in the classroom at any point.  The teacher has ongoing support from the program and can have the consultant come back in to work with the teacher and students again with the same piece of technology or something new. By delivering the instruction to the students in their classroom, it eliminates many barriers that teachers and students face when trying to implement new learning strategies into everyday learning. This truly is a customizable one of a kind program aimed to help teachers and students bolster their learnings.


The Street STEM trailer!

Look for the Char-Em Street STEM trailer as it travels throughout Charlevoix, Emmet and northern Antrim counties!

Boyne Falls middle school students are shown with the Street STEM trailer, along with district superintendent Cindy Pineda (far left), STEM consultant for Char-Em Brandon Beltz (far right), and class teacher Marie Tasiemski (next to Beltz).

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