Restorative Justice Online Trainings

Char-Em ISD is pleased to offer free unlimited access to online restorative justice trainings from Restorative Justice Trainer and Consultant, Nancy Schertzing. 

With the pandemic making direct training and coaching more difficult, Schertzing developed and launched online trainings to help educators deepen their restorative justice understanding and practice. Her first two sessions introduce the basics of restorative justice – outlining the philosophy and principles for why it works in schools. These two approximately half-hour sessions contain most of the content she teaches in her Restorative Justice 101 PD. While these sessions cannot offer the experiential learning opportunities her in-person trainings provide, this introductory material is useful. SCECHs are available for these sessions.

You can review the sessions and decide how you would like to use them with your faculty and staff. Each member can access them individually on-demand, for example, or you may want to review them together in staff meetings. Schertzing can be reached at (517) 505-1828 or to discuss the approach that works best for your team. Remember that Char-Em is making Schertzing available to deliver real-time training and coaching at no cost to educators in the coming year, 2021-22.

To begin, follow this link to the Char-Em training account and register yourself. Once you’re ready, share the same Char-Em Restorative Justice Trainings link with your faculty and staff to access in whatever way you suggest. They can engage in all Schertzing’s training offerings whenever they want until April 26, 2022. 

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