Char-Em ISD has worked behind the scenes with its member school districts – collectively and individually – to help meet the needs of their students, parents, support staff, teachers, administrators and board members. In a nutshell, Char-Em ISD:

  • provides local school districts with school improvement consultation, assessment services, and curriculum and instruction assistance to support improved student achievement.
  • offers the latest workshops, seminars and classes – for teachers, administrators, transportation department staff, bus drivers, secretaries, board members, other school staff and parents – featuring up-to-date technologies, techniques and methods.
  • provides consultant assistance, research assistance, and resources including journals, books, curriculum materials, Internet access, videotapes, digital videodisks, computer software, and assistive technology.
  • coordinates programs and services that are too expensive for a single school district to operate or that are very specialized and serve only a few students, including direction educational services for youth/adults with special needs from birth through age 25.
  • performs regulatory functions on behalf of the Michigan Department of Education including pupil accounting and special education monitoring and compliance.

Annually, Char-Em ISD Board of Education adopts priorities that are developed each year using a process that accommodates input from the community, constituent school districts and ISD staff.

The ISD’s priorities are consistent with its mission and vision and are presented in three categories – Educational Programming, School Support Services, and Leadership. The priorities dictate that the ISD must maintain a culture characterized by continuous learning.

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