Evaluation Services

Char-Em ISD provides schools with diagnostic evaluation team personnel qualified to analyze existing evaluation data, provide further assessment when necessary, and provide the individualized education program team with a written report to assist in the determination of whether a student meets criteria as a student with a disability. In addition, staff provides consultation with teachers, school support personnel, coordination of community agency involvement, and a resource for parents and students.

To obtain an evaluation - If you believe your child/student may have a disability and qualify for special education services - contact your building principal to discuss your concerns.

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER guideline (june 2013)

Quadrant Activity for Data Review
Summary of Eligibility - ASD (Table)

COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT disorder guideline (September 2012)


Planning and Intervention Worksheet
Routines Based Worksheet
Summary of Eligibility - ECDD

Emotional Impairment Guideline (September 2012)
Other Health Impairment Guideline (September 2012)

OHI Guidance for Determining Extent of Adverse Impact on Educational Performance

Specific Learning Disability Guideline (September 2012)

SLD Criteria Summary of Data Template

Speech and Language Impairment Guideline (February 2013)


Thirty (30) School Day Evaluation Timeline Extension Agreement
Consultation Feedback Form
ECSE Initial MET Template 1-10
ECSE Manual for MET Template 1-10
ECSE Reevaluation Template 1-10
Initial MET Template

Manual for MET Report 2-10
MET Documentation and Referral Form 3-10
Parent Request for Special Education Evaluation
Physician Component for MET HI
Physician Component for MET OHI, PI, SXI
Physician Component for MET VI
Process for Evaluation
Progress of Educational Intervention
Reevaluation MET Template
Request for Special Education Evaluation
Summary of Eligibility
Timeline for Initials